Version 4 Content Accessibility System Launched - INNCAS

Our INplace Natural Content Accessibility System -  INNCAS is now available!

Rather than just an improvement over existing content management systems, INNCAS is an entirely new way to access and edit content within your website. Where other systems require you to continually rely on specialized technical help to add features INNCAS has the ability to grow with you as your sites needs grow.

INNCAS is the easiest to use content accessibility system available online today. Within only a few minutes anyone capable of sending an email would be able to manage the content on their website. Even complex content like guestbooks, image galleries or forms are easy and intuitive to add to your site or to be able to manage the content.

What is content accessibility? Content accessibility is the facility that allows a person with very little computer skills to update websites. This is "INPlace" editing, and not a several step process. If you can see your content, you can access and edit it.

With, "INPlace editing", you do not need a website editor, or specialized software. You are able to make real time changes to your website content from anywhere you have internet. You can even make changes on an iPad or iPhone or Android.

Our Websites have been heavily tested to work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Safari and many other more obscure browsers. Rather than develop a system for computer nerds, we have developed INNCAS to be friendly to the non computer nerd. We don't rely on free solutions like Google apps that can be discontinued on a whim. We do provide internal support if people choose to use these free resources, but we certainly do not rely on them.

If you have the technology savvy to send an email, or an email with an attachment, then you are already able to use INNCAS. It really is that easy!

Posted by: techweavers ON Fri, October 11, 2013 at 1:46:34 pm MDT
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